Sticking to your workout routine can be a struggle, but a new year can always get you back on track. Before you set your body goals here are some powerful tips to keep you motivated! Switch it Up! Change around your weekly exercise routine by mixing up the training you do. Adding in a different assortment of styles will not only keep your mind focused but will also help to increase your overall fitness as your body will not have the time to adapt to the training intensity. Mind Over Matter Embed exercise into your daily routine, and view it as a normal everyday activities. As soon as you realise that exercise is part of your day you will stop any negative responses associated with working out and learn to discover the immense satisfaction that you can gain from it. Invite a Buddy A brilliant way to stay interested in exercise is to partake in group exercise classes, where you will find yourself surrounded by other like-minded individuals who have similar desires and goals as yourself. Everyone has their off days but we can find inspiration in the effort and commitment of others. Seeing others achieve their aims can keep you ambitious as you try to keep up with their determination. You’ll be surprised how your attitude can change when you surrounding yourself with positive people.