Part of getting healthy and staying in shape is never losing focus. So don’t let a missing dumbbell or other workout equipment stop you from achieving your fitness goals with these seven simple solutions. Here’s 7 workout hacks to help you stay in shape with commonly found items in your home. 1. Canned food and bottled water make great 1 lb. dumbbells for cardio workouts 2. Don’t have a 5 lb weight for HIIT (high-intensity interval training)? Try a sack of potatoes 3. Swing, lift, and one-arm press a large jug of laundry detergent like it’s a 10 lb. kettlebell 4 .Lunge and twist with a basketball if you’re like most people and don’t own a medicine ball 5. Hit the stairs if you’re missing a plyo box and never miss another step workout 6. Pantyhose make an excellent stand-in for a resistance band workouts when you're in a pinch 7. A pool noodle is the perfect stand-in when you don’t have a foam roller for your leg and core workouts Download the App and workout anytime, anywhere.