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CYBEROBICS is an online fitness platform that provides a wide range of professional workouts. CYBEROBICS offers you everything to get fit and achieve your personal training goals - anywhere and anytime. The highlight: You train with the best trainers in the world at the most fascinating locations in the USA.

What goals can I achieve with CYBEROBICS?

Within 4 different categories, CYBEROBICS offers you a large number of workouts to train all parts of your body. We focus on the training goals: get ripped, shape up, sweat it off and keep calm. Alongside classics such as bum-tum-legs courses, intensive power workouts and demanding cardio units, there are also yoga courses and many other workouts for relaxing and mobilisation. Fun also plays a big role in our dynamic dance workouts. Competitive athletes, however, should please bear in mind that our CYBEROBICS courses are only intended as supplementary workouts and under no circumstances represent a substitute for training at a professional sports level.

Where can I experience CYBEROBICS?

You will find our CYBEROBICS workouts not only online on our CYBEROBICS platform at, but also via the app, in the popular app stores.