Everyone likes and wants a tighter backside, butt did you know your glutes do more than just look good? A strong back side helps prevent back pain, assists in everyday functions like standing and walking up stairs, and is crucial for athletes looking to sprint faster and jump higher. Take a few minutes everyday and tighten your tush in no time with these five simple exercises from our advanced Booty Booster workout with CYBEROBICS trainer, Anja Garcia. Forget the fancy equipment, just grab a comfy mat or towel and let’s get to work. 1. High Knees Start out by getting your blood pumping with this straightforward exercise. - Stand up straight and place your feet hip-width apart - Pumping your arms like your running - Quickly bring your right knee up to your waist, bring it back to the ground immediately and then bring the left knee up in a similar fashion - As you alternate knees, you want to do it with a hopping motion by staying on the balls of your feet - Make sure you are engaging your abdominal muscles as each knee comes up 2. Lunges Lunges are the go-to exercise for booties around the world. The best part? You can do them anywhere and anytime. - Keep your upper body straight, your shoulders back and relaxed, and your chin up - Remember to engage your core - Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and lift your left foot, stepping backward and to the right to cross behind right foot - From here, perform a lunge and push off with your left foot to stand - Repeat on the other side 3. Lunge and Twist Now add a twist and work the entire body, ensuring areas like your abs get some attention. - Stand with your feet hip distance apart - Twist your torso to the left as you sink into your lunge - Bring your torso back to center and exhale as you straighten your legs - Repeat on the other side 4. Squat and Kick Kick your booty into overdrive with a move that activates both your hip flexors and hamstrings. - Step back with your left foot into a deep lunge, bending both knees 90 degrees - Press your right heel into the ground as you push off with your left foot, kicking your left leg out - Return to the lunge position and repeat on the other side 5. Groin Stretch Never forget to stretch before AND after every workout. Your body will love you for this. - Sit on the ground, bending both knees so you can bring your feet together - Use your hands to open your feet up like a book - Press your knees down towards the floor - Relax your shoulders and lengthen your spine - Stay here for a few breaths, and then slowly bend forward, bringing your torso towards your legs Whip your glutes into shape with fitness trainer Anja Garcia and her Booty Booster workout: https://www.cyberobics.com/en/workouts/categories/details/workout/booty-booster/