From the people who cut and style our hair to the faces we see everyday at work, and especially our personal trainers, getting to know the people on a deeper level not only puts a smile on our face, but also keeps us coming back for more. We sit down with CYBEROBICS fitness trainer and the Boss of Barbells, Josh Martin, for a quick Q and A to learn a little more about him and his fitness journey. Q: Where are you originally from? A: Columbia, South Carolina Q: What was growing up like for you? A: I’m the son of two former athletes. My dad was a professional baseball player and coach. My mom was a marathon runner and she did some aerobics videos actually. *chuckles* Q: What was your first job? A: I grew up in gyms, so my first job was a fitness instructor. Q: What are some of your favorite past times? A: Like my father, I played a lot of baseball growing. I love—LOVE—football. Like the rest of Americans, I’m very avid about it. I got my wife into it recently, which is pretty exciting. Q: What’s your guilty pleasure? A: Peanut butter, Doritos, and whiskey *laughs* Q: What’s special about your Iron Bars workouts? A: I’m always going to demand work and demand fun from everyone taking my class. Have a blast and break a sweat with Josh Martin and his Iron Bars workout