We sit while we commute. We sit all day at work. And we continue to sit when we get home. There’s been countless studies over the years about the hazards of living a sedentary lifestyle, so we’ll spare you all the boring details details and instead will give you the CliffsNotes: it’s not good. Maximize your time and health by squeezing in a quick workout during those brief moments of downtime around the office. Besides, who needs expensive equipment or a fancy gym when you can get a full body workout simply by using your own body’s resistance. 1. Calf Raise Sculpt your calves while you wait for the bus or bathroom - Stand feet shoulder-width apart - Slowly lift your heels off the ground as you rise up onto your toes - Hold for 1–2 seconds before lowering back down - Tip: Keep your knees straight for better results 2. Wall Sit Target your quads while you wait for your next meeting to start - Stand with your back towards the wall and lean against it - Let your knees flex as you slowly slide down the wall - Bend to a 90-degree angle and hold for 60 seconds (or until your legs feel like jelly) - Tip: Make sure your knees are directly above your ankles 3. Step-Up Tighten your legs and backside while you take the stairs instead of the elevator - Place your right foot on the elevated surface - Step up until the right leg is straight and return to start - Repeat, aiming for 10-12 reps on each side - Tip: Add a calf raise for bigger results 4. Arm Circles Grab a handsfree headset and tone your arms while you take client calls - Stand with your arms extended outwards by the sides, perpendicular to your torso - Slowly make small clockwise circles for 30 seconds - Go counter-clockwise, reversing the movement - Tip: Alternate between small (about 1 foot in diameter) and big circles (about 2 feet in diameter) 5. Tuck and Jump Spring your whole body into action when no one is looking (of course) - Standing with your knees slightly bent, jump up as high as possible, bringing your knees in toward your chest while extending your arms straight out - Land with your knees slightly bent and then quickly jump again - Repeat until exhausted or whenever your coworkers come back from lunch Squeeze more workouts into your busy schedule with CYBEROBICS trainer Amy Clover and her 10 minute Quick Fit workout! https://bit.ly/2GOY3jj