Six months ago, my title changed. It still feels funny to say “I’m Sara, I’m a mom.” Three months later, my title changed again. “I’m Sara, a working mom.” Being a working parent brings with it a whole new set of skills that I can only compare to….hmmm…a superpower? My mom motto is “ya gotta do what ya gotta do” but my true parenting hack is how I manage my time. Time management is an interview buzz word but it should really be a parenting buzz word. The back of my brain is a constant repeat of the following questions: Has she been fed? Have I been fed? Is she dressed? Am I dressed? Does she have spit up on her? Do I have spit up on me? Yes, no, yes, yes, no, yes. And on and on. The other piece of time management as a new working mom has been learning how to be productive during pumping sessions. Now that my daughter is in daycare, I pump regularly so I can send her to school with a daily supply of milk. New mom. Working mom. Milk lady! At work, every few hours I shuttle back and forth to a private room where I multitask between pumping and sending emails or making phone calls (while trying to mute the phone at strategic times so people won’t hear the pump). A couple months ago, I started doing squats while pumping and working. Does it look silly? Are you kidding me? Of course it does! But remember my motto - “ya gotta do what ya gotta do!” I noticed that even though it’s a small amount of exercise, the endorphins got me going and I’d return to my desk motivated and ready to work. Then I started adding short Cyberobics videos to my pumping regimen. I adapted videos to what I could realistically do while pumping. Booty Blast has been my favorite, with some arm exercises in there too. I’ll even do the Cyberobics videos while pumping at home...and often in silly circumstances. Although I’d love to exercise on the Malibu shore like some of the trainers, in reality I find myself pumping in the kitchen, after unloading the dishwasher while making dinner with my dog staring at me from the next room. In fact, even though I look ridiculous, that’s the best part about it. I can do it anytime, anywhere - regardless of how silly I look or the judgy looks from my dog. In addition to integrating Cyberobics videos into my pumping routine, I recently started running again. I’ll multitask and either run with my dog or bring my baby in the jogger. I found the PreRunning and PostRunning Cyberobics videos are extremely helpful, particularly because I don’t want to injure myself. Sometimes I’ll return from a run, the baby will be asleep in the jogger and the dog is running around in the yard. Having the ability to do the PostRunning video in the yard while keeping an eye on my baby and dog is extremely helpful. Exercise is definitely different now that I’m a mom. I do the best that I can, when I can. I’m kind to my body and don’t put unnecessary pressure on myself, particularly because I’m breastfeeding. Sometimes that means I can only do 5 minutes of Booty Blast while pumping. Sometimes it means it takes me 15 minutes to run a mile because I’m pushing a stroller or running with a dog who wants to chase squirrels all day. But I’m getting fit so I can be healthy and strong for me and my family. If that means that I need to pump while unloading the dishes while making dinner while doing Booty Blast - then you know what I’ve got to say about that. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!