5 Simple Ways Mom’s can Simplify Life by Kim Lyons Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, spread too thin or all of the above? Most moms are! As a mom, business owner, and professional “take to much on” kind of gal, I’ve had to really work on ways to simplify to tone down the every day stress. Stress can take a huge toll on our health and it’s so important to incorporate a few techniques to help manage it. Today I’m sharing 5 simple ways to simplify your life. It takes time to dial in these little things, but trust me it’s so worth it! 1. Simplify your life by making your bed in the morning and clearing your nightstand. As basic as it may seem, by making our bed in the morning it gives us a positive start to our day ahead. Having a clean nightstand helps us to feel calm at night. My excuse used to be that I was too busy to make my bed, which lead to me feeling all over the place, but since changing this I feel more organized and ready to take on the day. It may not always be made neatly, but it’s made! We don’t have to make our bed in the morning, so it’s an act of discipline. It makes us feel better, keeps our home space looking refreshed and gives us a tidy mind. I keep a simple candle on my nightstand along with a pen and a simple note pad. At night when my head is busy, I simply write down my thoughts for the next day and then close my eyes. Out of my head and on the paper so I can rest! 2. Simplify your life by De-Cluttering your kiddo space. “Clutter is stuck energy. The word “clutter” derives from the Middle English word “clotter,” which means to coagulate – and that’s about as stuck as you can get.” ~ Karen Kingston Are there clothes in your kiddos wardrobe that no longer fit, take them to kids that are in need. Just do it, toss them in a pile and drop them off the same day. Do the same with toys. Find a friend with a kiddo the same or similar age and do a swap! The thought of de-cluttering used to worry me, I never liked the idea of it before I made it a fun and creative experience. Plus it feels super good to give to kids in need. Our home is a place for you to relax and feel comfortable, so we must give it that attention by only keeping the things around us that make us feel that way. 3. Simplify your life by breathing in fresh air. Spending time outdoors in nature helps us to ground and re-energize. Breathing in fresh air is an easy way to refresh your body and mind, get out doors and go for a walk. Sometimes this can seem like just “one more thing” and trust me I know how hard getting out the door can be with or without the kiddos. Head to the park, around the block, or just to the back yard. There is nothing more therapeutic than fresh air. Since I have been doing this, I’ve felt so much more focused and at peace with myself and the world around me. Spending time around nature not only makes us feel healthier, but it also gives us more brainpower. When you start to notice your productivity going down, get out for some fresh air, even if it’s just 5 minutes. 4. Simplify your life by spending a few hours each week food prepping. What can you chop, marinate, wash, bake, grill or prep ahead? Spending a few hours once a week doing simple food prep will save you endless hours during the week. I like to make a big batch of oatmeal in the crock pot, bake muffins and sweet potatoes, cook rice or quinoa in the rice cooker, and grill veggies and chicken breast all at the same time. I also cut up all my veggies and wash my lettuce so it’s ready to grab and make a fun salad. Pack kid friendly snacks so they are grab and go on that trip to the park! 5. Give yourself a break. We can’t do it all, we’re only human. Make your to do list manageable by cutting it in half with a realistic time frame to work towards. Realize that the world won’t fall in if you can’t get 500 things done every day. If you feel life is getting on top of you, to the extent of burnout then its time to re-evaluate your boundaries and question whether you are saying yes too much to others, and no to yourself. Remember that you have to rest and relax in order to be most productive. Life doesn’t have to be complicated, lets keep it simple and less stress will surround you.