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How do I start using CYBEROBICS?

Before you start with CYBEROBICS, register online at and confirm your e-mail address. Following this step, you can log into the CYBEROBICS app with your login information and begin using the 20 free workouts immediately.

What is CYBEROBICS Premium?

With CYBEROBICS Premium you can use more than 80 workouts without restriction. Furthermore, all training plans, as well as the latest workouts are available only on the Premium version without restriction. To activate your Premium Membership, you will find in the menu navigation the button "Premium Upgrade". Alternatively, you simply click on a premium content marked with a crown. Afterwards, select one of the two membership models and deposit your payment details. Now you are ready for full access to CYBEROBICS.

Can I test CYBEROBICS Premium without obligation?

In the free version of CYBEROBICS, you can use 20 workouts for free for an unlimited period of time. The crowns on individual workouts and training plans give you an indication that this content is only visible on the Premium version. For full access you can always upgrade to Premium.

What do I have to consider when logging in via the App Store?

If you want to sign in to CYBEROBICS with the app, you should be aware of the following points:

  1. As a CYBEROBICS Premium member you will pay monthly / yearly via iTunes, Android or Google
  2. If you want to cancel your Premium membership you have to do this in the App Store subscriptions management section.
  3. If you want to use the Free version, you have to register online at Once you have completed your online registrations you will be able to log into the app with your chosen username and password.

How do I register using a coupon code?

If you have a promotion code for CYBEROBICS, you must register and redeem this code by going to our website

Follow these steps to use your promotion code:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “register”
  3. Complete the registration and agree with the terms of use
  4. Choose your membership type
  5. Click “promotion code” and type in your code
  6. Fill in your payment data, if this is required

Which membership models are available at CYBEROBICS Premium and how much do they cost?

There are two different versions of CYBEROBICS – the Free and Premium version:


In the Free version, you can do 20 workouts for free, and for an unlimited time. You can only access the complete library of workouts when you register for the Premium version.


Monthly Membership for $2,99 / month

When you select and register for the Premium version of CYBEROBICS and select the monthly membership, you are electing for an unlimited time frame contract which you can also cancel at any time. Your monthly membership will simply automatically renew every month, if you don’t cancel your contract before the end of the month. The termination has to be done no later than one day before the end of your contract period. You will find more details in relation to your contract period under “my account”.

Annual Membership for $24,99 / year

The annual membership for CYBEROBICS Premium offers you an unlimited contract period which you have the opportunity to cancel annually. This means your annual membership will extend for another 12 months automatically if you don’t cancel your membership by the end of the year. The termination must be done no later than one day before the end of your contract period. You will find more details about your contract period under “my account”. Please be aware that you will pay $24,99 for your annual membership for CYBEROBICS Premium at the beginning of your contract.

Which payment options are available at CYBEROBICS Premium?

At the registration for CYBEROBICS Premium via the App the payment will be made to Apple directly over the iTunes Store and on Android directly over Google. Payment options depend on your App Store.

At the registration for CYBEROBICS Premium via your computer or mobile browser you have the options either to pay with credit card, a direct transfer or with PayPal (please note that there will be some extra 8% of payment fee charged).

Who is Cleeng?

Cleeng is our partner who supports us in all matters relating to support and payment transactions.

After registering, I didn’t receive a confirmation email. What do I have to do?

In this case, please contact our Support at They will immediately help you.